There are some products that cannot be shipped to everybody/everywhere. Example: wine shipments in the U.S. can only be shipped to certain states, and can only be purchased by customers age 21 and up.

This module provides a simple framework for segmenting categories of products that have special restrictions. The module will come with plugins for adding age restrictions on ordering certain products and restriction based on delivery zone. The user may be asked via a thickbox overlay form questions regarding their status, and will be directed to pages as configured depending on the answers. At checkout, the cart's products will determine whether a restriction applies to the order, and appropriate error messages may be given before the cart is reviewed.

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Re: Restrictions

Sounds like a great contribution. Best of luck, and feel free to ask in the forums if we're missing documentation you need. Smiling's picture
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hey, need help

I am starting something very similar to this tonight. Can I see what you have?


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Re: hey, need help

Yes, Today I posted it to It is in contributions/modules/uc_restrictions. There is a project page at Good luck!