Ubercart Protx/SagePay Direct Repeat Payment Method


This module has been designed to offer a repeat payment option to sites that are using the uc_protx_vsp_direct module. It allows successful transactions to be repeated instead of a user having to type in their card details every time. While I have tested this on my site and it seemed to work fine, I offer no guarentees or warranty that the module will work for you, the method to get the stored transaction data is a little unusual! Basically it searches the order comments and sees if any Protx transaction data is stored then it parses the data and extracts the necessary Information. I strongly recommend that you test this module thoroughly before rollign it out live, ensure that any orders you put through in test mode show up in `My Sagepay`.Hopefully somebody can find a use for this module, even if its a base to develop off further.

uc_sagepay_direct_repeat.tar27.5 KB