Ubercart Salesforce Integration


This is a preliminary, alpha-state version of an ubercart / salesforce integration module.
Currently, only ubercart orders are supported.

This module requires ubercart, with "uc_order" enabled, and the SalesForce API ("salesforce").

To use:
(1) install and set up both ubercart and the SalesForce API
(2) activate the "Ubercart Salesforce Order" module
(3) set up a fieldmap between "Ubercart Order" and your desired SalesForce Object (admin/settings/salesforce/fieldmap).
* If you check the "Automatically Populate Salesforce?" box when creating the map, then new orders will automatically be added to SalesForce upon creation.

Bibek Sahu

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New Release

I don't see any way to edit this Contribution, so I am instead adding it as a "comment".

Attached is the latest code for uc_salesforce. It includes support for:

  • Exporting Ubercart Orders to Salesforce
  • Exporting Ubercart Order Products to Salesforce
  • Creating OpportunityContactRole objects and exporting them to Salesforce, (they map orders to Contacts)

Note that import functionality is not available in this version of uc_salesforce.

OpportunityContactRole objects connect Opportunities ("Donations") to Contacts. If a proper OpportunityContactRole synchronization is enabled, then when viewing the Contact record, the "Opportunities" (or "Donations") tab on the top will include Orders in the list.

If you have multiple Order Products in a single order, these can be mapped independently now, and will be associated with the Order (if you set that up in the Fieldmap).

If you use the OpportunityContactRole, you need to create a custom node type (you may call it whatever you want, but I use "opportunity_contact_role"), and add a CCK field of type "text" to it. The field must be named "order" (so it ends up being called "field_order").

Make sure to go to the Salesforce settings page, and choose the appropriate "Ubercart Integration" fieldmaps for use, after they have been defined, and to check the appropriate checkboxes.

I am releasing this code as-is, because it is nearly identical to code I am using on a production server. Other cleanups and enhancements will come, but there is no point holding back production-quality code.

This code will soon go to drupal.org.

Thank you to Ryan Jacobs (with support from Lumity.org), who provided testing and suggestions for this release.

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Re: New Release

I suggest you apply for CVS privileges on drupal.org and host this module there!

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uc_salesforce is now on drupal.org


The code is in drupal.org cvs, and a release has been created. (The release should be visible by Monday, Feb 22nd, 2010.)

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Drupal 7

Is there any plan for Drupal 7 version of this module?