's Transaction Central API (aka. Merchant Anywhere)


This is a's Transaction Central API. aka module for Ubercart, a free open source PHP based cart.

This code works for Drupal 6.x and Ubercart 2.x . I have a Drupal 5.x / Ubercart 1.x version, I cleaned it up and ported back some of my changes from the D6 port, but it's un-tested. Should work though. Keyword is *Should* Laughing out loud

Currently only auth-capture's are functioning, but for 90% of e-commerce sites, this is what you'll use to process.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.


If you want features added to this module or you need another Payment Processor integrated into Ubercart, feel free to contact me.

PS. Why do online processors always have like 90 different names for the same API?

uc_transfirst-D6-UC2--1.01.tar.gz - Drupal 6.x - Ubercart 2.x Version3.68 KB
uc_transfirst-D5-UC1--1.01.tar.gz - Drupal 5.x - Ubercart 1.x Version3.45 KB - Integration Documents938.96 KB
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TransFirst supplies up-to-date ubercart payment processor

Just a note to future readers of this page:

If you contact TransFirst, and ask to speak to their "Integrations Department," they will provide you with their most recent Ubercart compatible module.
As of this writing it only works on Drupal 6.x - Ubercart 2.x, but they did tell me that they are working on one for Drupal 7.x - Ubercart 3.x as well.

The module provided on this page (uc_transfirst-D6-UC2--1.01.tar.gz - Drupal 6.x - Ubercart 2.x Version) is NOT the same as the module provided to me by TransFirst. Definitely contact them, they were pretty knowledgeable and willing to help.

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Re:'s Transaction Central API (aka. Merchant Anyw

Thanks for the heads up @kylex. If TransFirst was wise, they'd post their module here and not have their support send it out on a client by client basis, or have people using my old module. I made this module many years ago and while I've used it for I believe two projects, it certainly could have been improved upon.

TransFirst is also the same as merchant anywhere and they are still linking to my old work as well. They should update their website to reflect the changes in the module, or pay me and I could update it for them to D7. If they participated in the community, it would make it a little easier for everyone.