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Ubercart 2.x

VT Mass admin is a module for Drupal 6 with capabilities to mass edit nodes and save the changes using batch api

Currently there are support for :
1. Node title
2. Node body
3. Nodewords Keywords ( requires nodewords module )
4. Nodewords Description ( requires nodewords module )
5. Mass Delete
6. Node published status
7. Node promoted status
8. Node Sticky status
9. Ubercart field for : SKU, Dimension, Prices

Currently there are known bugs / incomplete feature :
1. Content taxonomy need to save to core taxonomy otherwise updating it using the module will do nothing
2. Nodewords module need to have nodewords_basic module enabled and configured to allow user to edit the metatags from node edit form
3. No validation for the ubercart field
4. The module might cause WSOD for server with low php memory execution limit & low SQL memory max limit per execution. This can occurs when selecting too many nodes to process at once
5. Redirecting after batch api finish may get to wrong page (page 1 instead of the last page on submit)
6. No CCK field support
7. No image upload / change support

The module currently only tested in limited environment, thus this module is considered to be in early alpha stages, please test it first on your development server before using it on production server.

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