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According to reports, Occupy Wall Street has replied to criticisms of lack of focus. The main focus is now “Bank Transfer Day,” where consumers can transfer their cash out of large banks in what would prove to be a more potent form of protest against the establishment. Source for this article: Occupy Wall Street introduces Bank Transfer Day

Changing till November 5

From now until the official Bank Transfer Day on Saturday, November 5, America's 99 percent will have the chance to show the banking establishment that Occupy Wall Street is prepared to take purposeful action. Several of the protests are happening in response to the $5 monthly fee on debit cards. Bank of America has made lots of people angry.

November 5 was chosen because it coincides with Guy Fawkes Day, a British anti-authoritarian holiday that was popularized in the United States by the feature film “V for Vendetta.”

Keep asking for more

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency and Durbin Amendment haven’t helped out consumers. Banks are still stealing cash anywhere they can, according to Occupy Wall Street. The 59 million consumers Bank of America brings in $3.3 billion in debit card transactions without counting the $5 monthly fee.

Bank Transfer Day is the 99 percent's way of saying that enough is enough. The event has a Facebook page. It claims:

"Together we can ensure that these banking institutions will always remember the 5th of November!! If the 99 percent removes our funds from the major banking institutions on or by this date, we will send a clear message and give the 1 percent a taste of the fear that we experience every day when we aren't able to pay for our rent, food, medication, utilities, student loans, etc."

Want to be a part of it?

If you want to be a part of Occupy Wall Street’s Bank Transfer Day, there are three things you can do:

  1. Start a credit union account (visit for more info).
  2. Get your cash transferred. This involves transferring all automatic payments.
  3. Start working on closing your account. Your bank will have procedures to do this. Do not forget your direct deposit and bill pays. They all need to move.

As of Oct. 12, more than 6,500 individuals have indicated via Facebook that they will take part in Bank Transfer Day. For this to mean anything, more individuals have to participate. Event organizers know this. The Firedoglake La Figa blog explained that consumers have to move their dollars to make an impact. A simple denial of service attack from a group such as Anonymous on the New York Stock Exchange won’t do much.

Mitt Romney on the 99 percent

http: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=E16sTiBEHV4


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