feel their hands to absorb

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To answer all the ice ice feel not satisfied, but see he is not willing to say again, will not ask.

Through this several days through together, these are all xiong group has the ice ice as one of its said, for in death of uniting the desert things, although are not what to say when but with his actions to show that his mind.

The next day, the cheap designer handbags group the mercenaries xiong, all in is about to leave.

Poison scorpions nana will ice ice it, again, will himself didn't poison to the ice ice, and serious account to pay attention to details.

And fat son is in nana's after she says, do not know from where pulled out some have dried meat, don't want to sent ice ice, but his eyes stay strong show shed or sold his heart.

Ice ice in to see his eyes, just discount designer handbags after the after taste, and meat and gave it back to him.

And colonel rule is to use the time last night, so DuoNian in death the desert some experience in the written after the paper, to the ice ice.

Copper horse in their own ways, also expressed intention.

The preceding rule last of others, will the unanimous consent of the task prepared by the fresh water, and tents, and some daily need the things left after the ice ice.

In the afternoon, and ice ice agreed after three months, ZhaoGuCheng meet in later, just ready to say goodbye and ice ice on a return journey.

Looking at, and constantly looked back to wave the rule of the people, the group are looking at his side of these things, and ice ice eyes are not wet up.

Death of a sun light is put a desert light sand surface, pervasive sunshine from one of the small gap in, cast in underground.

The sun shines in the cheap handbags deep underground, at this time is a a person is the practice.

This is the group the mercenaries xiong and all the ice ice respectively.

Ice ice use they left their tents dominate in this under the earth, and build up his own temporary accommodation.

In their own residence will build good after, ice ice decided to absorb more than two thousand to his dominate the crystal nucleus.

See be two hands and grabbed the forms, in the hand of the ice ice slowly melting finally disappeared.

Then ice ice from around the bag and took out two stars. But still not long before, the nucleation and then disappeared in the hands of the ice ice.

It seems that these levels of crystal nucleus in, contains the aura is really too little, this is I absorb five hundredth, every time the nucleation in into aura, and only just after from the left and right hands into, can produce the suction, all these reiki is absorbed. Unexpectedly didn't the rest of the energy into the degree of assimilation, for internal force. When beginning, his thought, just because the left and right have not get enough reiki, so it just like a bottomless constantly absorbed. But this is the five hundredth! Ice ice low voice muttered.

But seems to feel their hands to absorb the aura, also had the trace of change.

Then I will go on!