How to change the text "Order complete" ?

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I'm using the french translation of Ubercart, and at the end of the checkout, the title on the page is "Commande finalisé" in French, or "Order complete" in English.
I'd like to change this text (on the french translation or directly on the Ubercart module), but I don't find the good file : i've tried every "fr.po" files and all the files in the directory "/modules/ubercart/payment/uc_payment/" but I can't find "Order complete"...
Oh, yes, I found some "Order complete" in the "fr.po" files but it doesn't make any changes on the page when I change the translation...

Can somewone help me ?
Thanks a lot ! (and thanks for the Ubercart module, so easy to use; I really enjoy it ! Eye-wink )

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Try this... may be :
Commande finalisé
There is a mistake anymay : you should have 'Commande finalisée' (with a final "e").

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See if 'string overrides' will work for you in this application.

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I think the order complete page is not covered by this module, but you can try custom theming or string override for that

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Thanks a lot !

I don't know how I made but now it works...Eye-wink

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Translation with STRING OVERRIDES now seems to work fine.