Drupal Ubercart PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted


PayPal WPP Hosted Solution is a Drupal Ubercart Payment module that will integrate the PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted service with the Drupal Ubercart. The module works by embedding the iframe in your checkout process.


Supports Major Credit and Debit Cards.
Accepts Credit Card payments and process payments in a PayPal page embedded in an iframe.
Supports PayPal Express Checkout for PayPal Account holders from your website
Users stay on-site for the entire checkout process.
Can Send Shipping and Tax information to PayPal.
The module supports ‘Authorization & Capture' or 'Authorize Only’.
No SSL certificate needed
PayPal Transaction ID is displayed on purchases log, for successful payments
Supports both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.
Customize the Payment form, Pay Now button and style, template from your Merchant Account Template configuration page.