Supported Shipping Methods

The following shipping methods are currently supported by Ãœbercart. The list will be expanded as more work gets completed and more developers contribute their modules to the community. Feel free to post paid development requests in the Bounties Forum.

Store-defined shipping quotes:
These modules require the administrator to enter the information needed to calculate shipping rates.

  • Flatrate - The Flatrate module contains two methods:
    • Product - Assigns a shipping price to each product.
    • Order - Charges a shipping rate to every order placed.
  • Weight quote - Gets a shipping rate based on the weight of the ordered products. Rates may be assigned to each product or fall back to the store default.

Third-party shipping quotes:
These modules communicate with the transport company's server to get shipping rates for the orders.

  • UPS - UPS Rates and Services Selection XML Tool
  • USPS - United States Postal Service Rate calculator API
  • FedEx - FedEx Ship Manager Direct