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We used many modules, Including Ubercart 2, CCK, Views, MP3 Player and so many more to list, but those where the main ones. The theme is Aquia Prosper, Awesome theme, perfect for what we need.

I have to say, I'm loving Drupal 6 and Ubercart 2. I made one site before with Drupal 5. Was listed here called Urban City Stores. We offered alot of different products, including mp3's. And we sold 95 % of the time mp3's. So we decided to just do a mp3 shop, and drop everything else. We tried using Joomla and got a decent looking and functional site going. Though our sales drop by 70%. While I was programming the new Drupal Version, We installed it as a subdomain of the Joomla site, and we actually started to sell some product, I am sure its because of drupals powerful SEO capabilities. That goe to show you how good Drupal is in that sense.

Now that we learned views, I was able to get everything done and looking on the site how I always wanted and imagined.

Anyone reading this and thinking of going with Drupal for any kind of site, Don't even think about it, I tried plone, Joomla and many other CMS's. I will never switch from Drupal and Ubercart again. Don't bother and go with the winning combination of Drupal and Ubercart.

I have now made the MP3 site I always wanted. I cannot imagine what will I be able to add with Drupal 7.

I am a Very very happy camper now that we are back with the winning combo. I think now we will take off again.

Thanks Ubercart staff for providing us now with the best cart out there.

Please post your feedback about the site. I really would like to read some.

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great site

Love the site. I've been trying to get mine to work like this one. You're my idol.