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We are fully operational, but constantly adding new products and features.

One feature I added today (that is yet to be implemented site-wide) is a "you might also like" block on the cart page.

I tried the Upsell module but found it too much for what I need and I prefer to use Views to take care of any product listings. Here's how you can get related items on the cart page:

Create a node reference field on your product and reference other products.

Create a new view and under relationships select the field you just made.

place this in the arguments, check the provide an argument radio button then select php.

$items = uc_cart_get_contents();
return $items[0]->nid;

Add fields and use the relationship.

Create a block view of the View.

Move the block view into a content_bottom type of region and show on "cart" pages only.


Want an example? Add this item to your cart: