Sundarban Restaurant

Here is the full story:

Sundarban is a very popular local restaurant in Queens Park
area in London. Traditionally, they always used to take telephone
orders for delivery and collection. They have recently realised the
potential of selling online and assigned the Job to,
their graphics design partner. Menulane contacted me for an ecommerce solution which must meet all the following criterions:

  1. easy to be managed by the end users,
  2. open sourced so that they don't need to invest further,
  3. flexible in payment gateway integration
  4. high maintainability and easy to find a maintainer

I used Zen cart before, but that clearly does not meet all
the criterions. I've been working with the mighty Drupal for around two
years now, and knew that Ubercart fully integrates with it. This is my
first Ubercart project. Drupal + Ubercart, it was very easy to convince
Menulane that this is the solution they are after! They wanted
to create the food menu as a traditional printed menu. I initially used
ubercarts default catalog system disabling image support, but that did
not fit well with their requirements. Eventually I ended up creating
the catalog entirely using Views. The Conditional Action module was
very crucial in managing the order workflow and validating some order
shipping conditions e.g. minimum order cost to be eligible for free
delivery etc. The stringoverride module helped to change some texts in the checkout area. The RootCandy
administration theme combined with custom user roles made order
administration by the enduser extremely easy. A custom template was
created for invoice.
Although it was my first Ubercart project, but I did not really
face any massive issues. And you know what, I did not have to write any
custom module - only some PHP snippets here and there, thats it! Thanks
drupal+ubercart community forputting so much effort in such a brilliant solution.

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