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View our Acme tornado or ACME Thunderer pages for a good sample of our whisltes.

At Maz Sports we are proud and happy to offer an extensive range of whistles for every walk of life. We have whistles that are designed for use in hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, swimming, running, football, wrestling, boxing... ah heck, you name the sport, we have a whistle for it. We have whistles for boating, working, animal training, bird and game calls. We have police whistles, musical whistles, we have the infamous Titanic whistle, and the most important whistles of all, our variety of safety whistles. Something that every man, women and child should have easy access to. In moments of distress, there's nothing more important than the ability to be able to alert or draw as much attention as possible. The whistle has been the instrument that has saved many lives, and for that reason alone has brought happiness to many families world wide.

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Gave it a 10 But....

I think it is a mistake to not include a physical address of some kind. Apologies if it is there and could not find it. On the other hand if I could not find it...
But otherwise I really like the clean design

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Re: Gave it a 10 But....

Thanks for the feedback. I'll discuss with the store owner to get a physical address added.