Emu Art Tile

Emu Art Tile at http://emutile.com is a site made with Ubercart and a slew of other modules. The new Drupal site just launched July 31, 2011 and the pure XHTML site was up since 2004. All tile is designed and made by hand by Emily Ulm. 
Our site has image galleries for installed handmade art tile. All the tile is relief to produce the images with a combination of clear and solid glazes. Our tile is installed in many homes and countless high quality durable tile have been produced and sold. Most of the tile designs are based on the topic of nature, so one will find many tiles based on animals, trees, and plants.  Thanks to the Drupal and Ubercart community for great Open Source Software! Drupal and Ubercart make it possible to setup an e-commerce site very quickly where the majority of time can be spent setting up content.  -Darrell Ulm

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