Bottman Design was developed for Bottman Design by It is a Drupal 6 Ubercart site. It houses a large catalog of products by multiple artists. The site content (i.e. products pages announcements), shipping and email newsletter are completely maintained by the Client. There are wholesale and retail user roles with different newsletters, prices, products, shipping and payment options for each. It makes use of a number of Drupal modules, some custom modules, a Zen sub theme, template files and a lot of work. Eye-wink

Bottman Design, Inc. was founded in 1988 to publish the art that Paris Bottman developed in the contemporary craft market. Paris was renowned for the incredible detail of her individually sculpted dressed animal figurines that either stood alone, or adorned covered jars or vases. Bottman began to add other unique artists to the company in 1990, and now publishes cards based on the work of around ten artists.

Bottman's goal is to provide high quality, unique and entertaining cards and gifts, all based on the various artist's works. All our greeting cards are currently printed in Salt Lake City, Utah, using paper that contains a minimum of 10% post consumer waste. Gift products are produced in China. Of course, all paper products that Bottman prints are recyclable.

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