The Cockpit

The Cockpit is a theatre in London, UK.  Tickets for most (but not all) shows are sold online via Ubercart.To see an example, visit the site and select an event from the right menu.  If it is an Ubercart event, the buying options and a cart block will be displayed below the main the description.This has been a challenging project as there are so many variables to try and account for.  Some are one-off events, some have many performances over several dates (often with multiple performances on the same date), different pricing tiers, special prices for certain performances, promo codes, etc...An additional challenge is that the content is submitted by the show's producers which is then moderated by our staff, configured and put live.  Keeping the complexities of Ubercart configuration away from those who just want to upload their show info was essential.We have found that many of the needs of selling tickets are not immediately met by Ubercart, but have generally found ways to make it work for us, our theatre companies, and our customers.  It's still a developing system and there are many improvements to be made, but we are happy to help share our experiences of this process with others trying to achieve a similar system.