Posh Tots Online

Posh Tots Online is an online store that provides special occasion clothing for babies & little children. The company (& website) is built around what we would want as a customer and we built up one of the largest range of christening/baptism gowns, rompers, dresses & suits available online, to give people choice, as there is very little available in the highstreet stores.

We launched this site in October 2010 and are currently finishing a second sister site (live but not quite finished at www.pikinini.co.uk) which we have fully linked via Domain Access, so that we need only maintain one stock & order database. The ultimate plan is to turn the site from a simple retailer to an online resource, although we have yet to get around to that aspect of the project.

There were a lot of challenges in completing this site, not least as we had no experience with Drupal or ubercart prior to this and we found the posts on ubercart to be invaluable. So, whilst ourknowledge may be limited, we are more than happy to answer any questions or share experiences with anyone else trying to do something similar.