Core Development Sponsors

As an open source project, much of Ubercart development happens in the open with no expectation of payment from any of our users. However, from time to time various users and developers offer monetary support to help speed up the development of the core Ubercart modules. Sponsorships allow the core developers to spend time that would otherwise be spent on contracted development working on specific parts of the core code.

Sponsorships have been given for general core development at times and specific feature enhancements at others, especially in regards to Drupal 6 development or core API rewrites and clean-up. We strive to find sponsors whose needs coincide with our pre-established plans or design goals so that the community and project receive the maximum benefit.

Many thanks go out to our various donors as well. They are recognized here in the forums with a user badge. Donations from individuals are generally smaller than the sponsorships we receive but work together to fund some development time and hosting for the project. Sponsors listed here have made significant monetary contributions, so we are honoring them with special recognition here for now until we work out a more official system of recognition weighted by amount given.

If you are interested in sponsoring core development and being listed here, please contact us to discuss rates and brainstorm how to make the most of your sponsorship.

Drupal 6 Migration Sponsors:

Ubercart 1.x Core Module Sponsors:

  • Acquia, Inc. - CyberSource SOAP implementation and credit card module bugfixes.
  • Chapter Three, LLC - Multiple transaction type support for credit card payment gateway modules; core API for prior-authorization captures and reference transactions.
  • Digital Dollhouse - Authorize.Net module rewrite. Recurring billing feature completion, like customer management of fees and payment gateway specific fee implementations.