Terms of Use


Ubercart.org contains a lot of information. We created some of it ourselves, while users have created other parts of it. Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information we publish and try to correct any mistakes as soon as possible, you should be aware that you use any of the information on this website at your own risk. Content generated in on-site discussions should not be received or construed as the opinion or intentions of Ubercart without us saying so.

You should be even more careful when using the user-contributed information you find throughout Ubercart.org. This means that – to the furthest extent permissible by law – we are not "contractually" or "extracontractually" responsible, in any way, for any harm contributed information on this website (or any external website linked to) might cause you.

Information provided by us to you in the support forums should be taken as our best advice given our understanding of the particular issues you are reporting. Unless you have specifically contracted us to implement our solutions to your issues, please be aware that you are responsible for any harm caused by the implementation of said solutions. Update your website and make changes responsibly, keeping back-ups of your site and evaluating information provided through this site for comprehension and sensibility prior to acting on it.


When you participate in public discussions, you are responsible for what you post. Although we will not screen all contributed content, we reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate or misleading, without any possibility of recourse or redress on your part.

Be aware that some users will rely on the content of your posts. You are responsible for your posts, and you hereby fully indemnify us from any claim we might receive from third parties harmed by your content.

Paying Members of Ubercart.org for Work

The forums and private message systems of our website may be used to establish a working relationship where you pay another member for consulting services. While we reserve the right to remove spam and excessive solicitation of services, we generally encourage users to find consultants through parts of the site like the Bounties Forum. However, we are in no way liable for any contracts you make with other users of this site, and we are not responsible for failed transactions or unmet expectations. At best, we may recommend companies or developers for specific tasks, but you should use your best sense when paying someone to work for you.

In other words... what you do with your money and your time is your own business, and we will not be monitoring any transactions or development, nor will we be responsible for cleaning up the messes caused by developers who don't know what they're doing.