Ubercart Screenshots

We invite everyone to download Übercart and get a feel for the software, or feel free to play on the Demo site. In the mean time, we'd love for you to check out these screenshots to get a feel for Übercart and see some of the administrative interfaces designed to make your day to day tasks easier. These shots came from a clean install of Drupal + Übercart in a test site dubbed the Drupal Zoo. Some images are too large for this page. Click on them to view the full image! Product catalog: The product catalog. Updating the shopping cart: (You can't get just one wombat!) Updated the quantity of products in the shopping cart. Paying by credit card at checkout: (The types of cards and information you collect may be customized.) Paying by credit card. The store links block for store administrators: An easy to use menu for administering the store. The main store administration screen: The main page for store administration. The main order administration screen: The administration screen that lists and sorts orders. The order search screen: Searching for orders has never been easier! The order view screen: The order view screen. The order edit screen: The order edit screen. An order's payments log: (Payment and logging activities are all configurable.) The payment log for an order.